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Day 12

She presses her face to the cloth,
comfort in memory
& the scent of her past
clinging to the fabric of her pillow.
Familiar shadows & shapes
twist across walls she knew in childhood,
she finds solace in what she once found frightening, & sinister,
beams of darkness thrown by tree limbs
outside her window.
The wallpaper is faded,
jaded, but hers,
& it seems to her a scent
lingers softly on the paper
of candy sweets & summer warmth,
so tempting
that she lays her cheek on the wall
& breathes it in.
Coming home is a warm swelling
in her chest,
a bittersweet reunion with her
former self, the child in her aching
with the woman she’s become,
& tears rise to her eyes
in protest.