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I am behind, bear with me, The Child was unwell during the week…

NaPoWriMo day 4

Tiredness clings to me
Like oil coating my eyelids
Cloying oil.
I shake myself awake
Pour another coffee
Make another bottle
And tend to the baby.
Tired or not
She will not be this small forever.

NaPoWriMo day 5

Spring skips a beat in Dublin
this year,
warmer than expected
with trees buds & flowers
rushing to catch up.
The landscape is half grown,
still cool from winter’s kiss
& pushing green through ground
still touched by the memory of frost.
Skin is revealed,
shorts bought in optimism
hurried from closets to see the sun
before it fades.
Clothes peeled from pale limbs
in denial of the cool breeze,
gathering sunbeams into elbows & knees
to hoard for colder days.
The city moves with life,
with sunshine painting smiles
on faces otherwise looking to their feet.
The city is warmth & life
in the spring,
full & happy as a purring cat.