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I’m a few days behind with posting, but not with writing. Indulge me while I play catch up 🙂

Day 22

The taste of salt
on my lips
wakes me,
my face is tear stained
and damp.
I turn to you
with words of my nightmare
and you envelope me in warm arms
until I sleep once more,
safe against the bad dreams.

Day 23

I am in a temper,
railing against myself
against all in my way.
I am soothed,
without words
by your presence,
a warm furry body
pressed against me
in comfort.
I steal a hug,
a cold nose pressed
against my ear,
& am comforted.

Day 24

The weekend slides away
like leaves on water,
my free time spent
in a relaxing haze
before the week comes round again.
I waste my time
on books, tv, the couch
& moments with him.
Not waste,
you might say
spent wisely,
penny by penny
given to a precious wishing well
of time, in happy nothingness.