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I once cracked open a cookie
whose fortune sealed mine
in coincidence or fate,
who knows.

I crack the cookies open
for the feeling of breaking
something created by another,
albeit a socially acceptable break.

I sit across from the man
I am desperately clinging
to keep,
while he slips through my fingers.

His own cookie sits untouched
on the edge of his plate
and without asking I grab it,
rip it open too.

Let go of the things that hurt you
I almost laugh aloud with the irony
the gut wrenching realisation,
the damn cookie is right.

I am a fool.
Holding blindly to a man
who neither loves me,
nor ever will.

And so, fortune slip held in hand
I stand, take its advice
and leave without saying goodbye,
without turning back.

I still have the fortune
nestled in a memory box to remind me
that I made the right choice,
by never looking back.