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I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t been too well so here’s my catch-up post with a few days worth of poems.

Day 9

My life is through these windows,
my square view of the world.
I watch it change daily,
people playing out their parts.
The shop across opens and closes,
time ticks past as I body-watch.
I sit with book in lap
watch the words and then the scene,
the daily unfolding outside of
my voyeuristic four walls.

Day 10

Adrenaline pumps through my veins
and I gasp against it,
The wind steals my breath away,
snags at my hair and my clothes.
I keep reaching,
telling myself one more hill
and push on.
My chest is burning now,
breath ragged
feet sore.
But I am flying
and I feel wonderful.

Day 11

we take wrong turns,
twisting mazes of concrete
take us in circles,
tracing footsteps we’ve laid before.
We continue,
persevere in the maze
of our own making.
We lie,
tell ourselves we are found
while we wander,
as always.