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NaPoWriMo is over! I can’t quite believe it,  it goes so fast doesn’t it! Thank you to all the followers and commenters, to all the new followers this year & new friends. I look forward to sharing more work with you, & to reading yours. There is some incredible talent out there, & I am privileged to read some of this in the words that you all print here.
Farewell to April, thank you as always for the inspiration. Hello at last to summer days. Here is my final poem of the month, a nod to summer herself.

Summer plays on the breeze
taunting her way through the cool wind
and occasional showers,
taking her time.
She lives to make an entrance –
and then a rush – to catch it
all at once, and knock you off your feet.
She is vain,
primps and prunes all winter long
for her grand stage performance.
We love her for her bright self burning,
worship only her, as she wants.
But fickle is this mistress,
she leaves her lovers unsatisfied,
always wanting more
and lamenting her when she leaves.