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I would like to use todays NaPoWriMo to highlight something that both annoys me & excites me simultaneously – technology. I love it in the common census way; it makes life easy, simple, convenient. But it takes away a base anonymity that we once owned. Noone now is invisible, everyone is jacked in to one site or another, creating a virtual presence to live by. As much as i partake myself, I dislike it, because I wonder where it will lead us.
Anyway, if anyone is still reading – my annoyance of technology in poem form is below.

By words I live and die, 
Life in its way becoming one
Of blood battles or of words.
We live for vast arrays of things,
All told in one way or another
What to do
And who to do it for.

The great illusion of our time.
Smart phones
Smart televisions
Smart cars
A technology link from place to place
Never alone
Never invisible.
It has never been more difficult to dissappear.

An age of connection
Virtual presence
Virtual minds.
Those who lag behind
Technology will win over
Or outlive.
We are linked in chains
From our wrists to our phones.
Always plugged in.
Never alone.