Terry Pratchett had an immeasurable influence on me, on my writing, my thinking, my very personality.
He brought to life things we can only dream about. He gave an entire world to each & every one of us.
His loss is something I can barely comprehend. But I have attempted, in my own way, to honour him.
Sleep well, you king of words, we miss you xxx

An Ode to TP

It is as a light has been extinguished.
A flame that burned so bright I can scarcely see through the gloom left behind.

I look at the world now with changed eyes; it has lost the colour octarine –  its very essence. 
Tears combine, & as one sob breaks forth from a set of lips, it echoes land to land, person to person.   

This world will never be the same without the king of imagination.   

Less bright sparks move to replace already that which we have lost.     
But the discworld cannot survive without its sun.