Any of you country dwellers will know it, that feeling of space, of stretching your shoulders & head back & breathing country air. That taste, that scent on the wind.
These things are lacking in the city.
I love the city, love its bustle &          convenience, its essence of being part of something bigger.
But. Being someone who has lived in city & country, I find myself at an odd mix of longings. My inner city mouse relishes having moved back to the city; light, heat & people everywhere. In moving, I thought a wish of mine was being fulfilled.
But now my inner country mouse is clawing at her density walls & wanting open spaces; fields, animals, air. In a city of lights I find myself anxious when I cannot see the stars.
A compromise then. It so happens that where I now live is in the bubble just outside of the city, in that rare midland where the stars begin. I can sit in my garden & watch the cosmos as I always have in the country. Also, nearby I have discovered pockets of countryside built into the suburbia; dog parks, walkways, & the largest park in the city just a stroll from my house.
My inner city & country mice balance themselves, & reconcile to this new change. I can still be the country girl living in the city.
It is the only way I can breathe free, & have best of both.