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As you know, I was travelling in Europe for 3 weeks over the summer. I’ve been reading back over the poems & tidbits that I wrote while I was away & came across something I wrote while travelling from Paris to Amiens. I’m going to share it with you because it gives me a little longing for that sense of freedom again, but also because when I read back over it, I think it did capture how I felt at the time, watching the world go by from the train window.
I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Train cars & steel cables, a concrete jungle of machinery.
Forcing it’s way along fences & through sleepers on the track,
lilac grows wild, untamed, apologetic in it’s beauty.
Further from Paris buildings give way to fields.
Poppies dot the landscape, waving their pretty heads in greeting as the train shoots by.
Paris & it’s suburbs fall away, replaced by yellow fields & rolling hills, tiny towns snuggled into the niches of the landscape.
I catch glimpses of life in this picturesque land –
a teenage girl brushing down a patient horse, a dog stretched asleep in the sun, a child & her mother crosslegged on a platform bench, watching the train pass.
Every few miles, fields & hills give way to the domination of forest, broad bands of trees grouped together, their secrets hidden from view.
Church spires pop up over every horizon,
& cemeteries with towering spires & mausoleums add their voice to the choir of nature,
& dotted along the track, all the way to Amiens –
Lilac. Lilac everywhere.