Hello my fellow bloggers & bloggees! It’s been a while 🙂

My absence has not been for naught. After NaPoWriMo I had essays & exams to battle with (& I’m happy to report all went well!), I have also been getting more hours at work & my piece de resistance, I have been planning my summer inter-railing trip.

Happily, I have also been writing. Something is taking loose shape on paper & word documents, – & frankly, the odd beermat! – & so far I am definitely somewhat satisfied with it. From my inner critic, that is high praise indeed, so I am labouring on with it!

Back to the details – in a week I will my jetting off on what we are fondly referring to as “my inter-railing adventure”. I will be hitting several European cities over 3 weeks, & enjoying museum tours, art galleries & architectural marvels along the way. This is my dream trip, the culmination of several years of wistful planning & finding the determination to finally do it. I am beyond excited. So those of you who keep up with me can forgive me for posts becoming about travel, art & museums for a while. 🙂

On the trip, I am planning to write. I have notebooks & pens aplenty – more than clothes if I can be honest! – & a slightly formless idea of what I’m going to do with it. For those three weeks, the plan is to just write write write, & edit, chop & paste when I’m home, seeing if anything I’ve created is worth what it’s written on. You’ll know what I mean, my fellow writers, when I say that I have an idea based simply on a word & a feeling, & a thought that it can be turned to something tangible. Time will tell, & we will see. 🙂

Friends, I look forward to sharing the summer with you. I will be in touch soon.