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Sometimes it’s best to feign strength, have others

compliment you on being the Strong One,

holding the title while your heart silently breaks

behind lying eyes.

The ultimate coping mechanism of pretending that you

have the strength to make it through the tough and

turbulant times.

If only they knew,

that behind it all, pieces of you stretch tight and strain

against paper stitches, begging to fall apart,

begging to let go, just once.

There is danger in ripping those stitches,

fear behind the fresh wounds.

The facade of being a lioness, head up

against the world, waiting for what comes next.

Inside, you are a mouse in paper-mache clothes

hoping no-one asks to see the lion,

clinging to the title with tooth and fingernail.


the lion is the lie that you have learned to live

and not one that can easily be cast aside.

Inside you beats the heart of a mouse,

but that mouse believes he is a lion

and so, you are always the Strong One.