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Day 25:

Time weighs heavy on me at odd moments.
When I see my life stretch before and behind me
and feel, like some opressive cloud, that time
is linear,
that I will never be in that moment again,
and I have wasted it.
is time well-spent balanced with time wasted?
Do we live on a sword-edge of ‘doing’ and ‘idling’?
Is balance key to happiness
in our linear life?
Irony in all it’s forms; only time will tell.

Day 26:

Despite my occasional peace with words;

times when I feel them flow from my fingertips

and form some verse that pleases me –

I find words themselves a mystery.

Double meanings;

alternative spellings;

silent letters;

they swirl around me in a confused haze

and I am stuck, spiked on some

meaningless nonsense of my own making

that whirls ’round my head, that I can neither

sense nor seperate.

English, as a language you can be as beautiful

and elegant as water, but

used unwisely,

examined too closely, you inspire confusion

and frustration.

I have changed my spinning mind –

I have no way with words.

Rather, they have their way with me!