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Wow, I’ve been very bold with posting my NaPoWriMo’s! The closer my assignment deadlines get, the worse I am at remembering simple things like food, let alone to post my poems online! But I have been writing 🙂 I hope all my Irish & English followers are enjoying this rare & fabulous few days of sunshine we’re getting, it’s making studying very hard, because all I want to do is go outside & play 🙂

Here are my offerings to the NaPoWriMo gods for day 16 & 17. Enjoy 🙂

NaPoWriMo day 16:

Daylight hits me like a fist,
the parting in my curtains that I was unaware of
wakes me with bright, beautiful skies
at 6.45am.
Despite the early hour & the previous late night
I bound to my knees & fling the curtains behind the bed wide
& survey the day.
Perks to living in the country,
I can smell the fresh grass & warm earth
before the windows are opened.
Everywhere there are shades upon shades of green,
blending together like some obsessed artist’s palette.
Cherry blossoms explode with petals,
that catch the smallest breeze
& fall like warm snowflakes onto the concrete paths.
Not a cloud in the wide sky,
not a care in a heart for miles,
on a day like this.

NaPoWriMo day 17:

There sits on my dresser
a music box.
Shaped like a baby grand piano.
It has sat there for almost a decade,
collecting dust & being dusted,
occasionally playing its wound-up notes
to the world.
It is, to me,
a prize of a possession.
It belonged to my hero,
someone I miss more as years pass,
not less.
The spirit of whom I still whisper
prayers to, when needed.
I wind it now,
it is bigger than my palms but sits in my hands
light as air.
It’s clockwork spins & it sings to me