This is one of my pride and joys…this poem was the second piece of writing I have ever had published. It was published in the UCD literary society magazine 2013, not exactly the height of the publishing world but it’s enough for me. My stuff is out there, and people actually read it. I hope you enjoy it.
Ocean Addiction
She said it was an addiction
The kind of sadness you crave and weep for,
The hangdog expression of a lover revelling
in her own disgrace.
She was trapped anyway,
between the wings of an angel and a high wall
that waves sometimes crashed over,
joyous in freedom.
She hated and loved him
but mostly it was hate.
She wanted to be Juliet; tragic, beautiful
and so very sad.
But she found her own mind creeping through,
ivy leaves clinging and choking the rose.
And she wept, for what she could not be,
for what he could not give her,
and for that sweet sadness on the ocean floor.