Recently, at the funeral of a family friend, I came across the most beautiful patch of marigolds growing wild in the graveyard. It was the first warm, sunny day that we had and these orange flowers were practically glowing in the sunlight. I picked one and took it home. After it faded away I decided I wanted them in my own garden (such as it is).
So yesterday myself and my mum went to the garden centre and I showed this photo to one of the staff. He identified it as the original marigold named calendula.
He had seeds and I bought two packets. I am by no means a greenthumb, or a green anything really, I appreciate flowers but I can’t seem to get them to grow! So I’m gonna give it a go, I’ll post more pictures if I mange to get the seeds to take.
Actually the biggest challenge may be to stop the cats sleeping on top of them!

20130608-094029 a.m..jpg

20130608-094742 a.m..jpg