Dawn was bright,
an explosion of colour
heralded by a fanfare of birdsong.
A morning that sparkled with promise.
I watched the sunrise from the beach,
rarely moving,
becoming another nondescript item
to the jellyfish and crabs
sharing my stretch of sand.
The ocean is my totem, my moodstone.
With no other outlet for emotion
I pour my heart and soul into the water,
adding my own meagre salt to its depths.
It calls to me with soothing tones,
smooths my scars and washes away tears.
Whispers words of comfort
and beckons to embrace me.
My heart answers
and longs for it. Pleads with me
in plaintive murmers,
and craves the comfort.
I shake my head,
I have things to finish, things to do
before I sleep,
and the waves will wait.
I greet the morning,
stand and brush away both sand
and tears.
My affair with the sea can wait
just a while.
Just a while.
I return to life, for now.